Family First Firm

UX, Art Direction, Visual Design, Web Development Sept 2014 Visit Site

Reimagining and deploying a contemporary law firm website that focuses on core customer needs and interests.

Family First Firm is a reincarnation of the former central Florida law firm Hoatson Law Firm, rebranded to give greater attention to the firm’s family-oriented business practice and culture. In the previous year I worked together with the firm to successfully launch a new website under their previous name and identity, but now under a new name and identity I was tasked with creating a revamped web experience that reflected the rebranded firm’s philosophy and pursuits.

My approach would be simple: as the firm aimed to make the family their focus, the new website should also do the same from a customer usability standpoint. Having engaged in discussion with the firm about their clients, we believed the site should address three core potential customer concerns: 1) Does this firm offer the services I am looking for? 2) Does this firm competently deliver the desired legal services and demonstrate a good understanding of the laws and solutions related to them? 3) Is this a firm that I would feel comfortable sharing personal family related legal matters with?

In both form and function the new design would address these concerns. An overview of all of the firms offerings, services, and articles were consolidated into a single page in a fashion that is easy to assimilate and viewed in totality without a lot of vertical scrolling. Information about legal services that was once spread out across 10 pages was condensed into six. This all allows visitors to learn very quickly about the relevancy of this firm to their needs. Selecting any of the brief overviews of a service opens up an in-depth article about that service in an overlay, giving potential clients speedy & convenient access to the firm’s depth of knowledge and unique sales appeal in that area of practice.

The overlay design offers to users the best of an immersive reading experience coupled with the visual assurance of retaining their previous browsing spot. Visitors can comfortably get lost in the information without the subtle apprehension that they’ll loose where they were before.

This straight forward structuring of the information was coupled with classy typography and warm family imagery to convey to potential clients that the Family First Firm is a quality yet approachable law firm that keeps in focus the best interests of their client’s family, future, and legacy.